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03 Nov '15

Keep Everyone Fed and Happy at Conferences

Posted by Snack Shack Supplies

As companies become more spread out, and more employees begin working from home or off site, many corporations are turning to things like conferences, retreats, and galas to help keep workplace connections strong. At the same time, conferences designed to help build and gain new skills are also quickly growing in a number of industries. Both of these types of get-togethers are often held on a fairly regular basis, organized by the same groups each time. Therefore it makes sense for conference throwers to invest in equipment that can be used again and again to help make these events a success. And for event throwers who aren’t using full service sites for their conference, such as hotels, it also makes sense for some of that equipment to be food-based.

Ensuring Participation

For many people, packing up and heading out to a day or weekend conference may not be at the top of their list of enjoyable activities. They know it’s beneficial, but they may not truly want to attend. Offering things like food, coffee, or entertainment as part of the conference is a great way to help lure people in who might otherwise decide to pass on the event. 

And while some conferences are held at inclusive sites that offer these things, they may not be offered on your schedule or in the quantities necessary to keep your employees and guests happy, not to mention that not every site offers these amenities. 

That’s where having some food service equipment can come in handy; it allows you to set up food and beverage stations at your convenience. This in turn allows your guests to feel more comfortable and to enjoy themselves more, ensuring their return.

Types of Equipment to Consider

Not every conference is going to be geared toward sit down meals. In most cases, however, people will be mingling between activities, which gives them an opportunity to take a break for food or drink. That’s why having a few different types of equipment on hand can allow your employees or guests to help themselves, boosting their comfort levels.

Coffee and Hot Beverage Dispensers

Having hot coffee or tea on hand can go a long way toward motivating people and making them feel at ease. Something like the Boswell Airport Style Coffee Brewer can help ensure that you have plenty of hot coffee on hand throughout the event. And if you know that you’re guests will have varied tastes, you can also accommodate them with a dual decanter warmer to offer them a choice of hot beverages.

Heat Shelves and Food Warmers

Stop serving your guests cold cuts and limp salad, and start serving them some warm food options instead. With heat shelves like those made by Nemco, you can keep multiple dishes warm and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Unlike warming cans or chafing dishes, a heat shelf is safe and simple to set up – just plug it in and set the temperature. 

Heat shelves come in a number of different sizes so you can customize your conference’s needs. Serve hot pizza, appetizers, or anything else you’d like without any mess or a lot of set up time.

Popcorn Cart

If you’re having an informal-style conference, consider injecting a little fun into the day with a popcorn cart. Popcorn is a nearly universally liked food that’s easy to serve and doesn’t require your guests to have to sit down to eat. An old-fashioned popcorn cart like the Gold Medal Cart can be a point of interest for your guests, something to look forward to and visit throughout the event.

Step Up Your Conferences

Conferences are an increasingly popular way to get a lot of face time and training into a very short amount of time. Don’t forget that food can be a powerful draw for many people who might otherwise be hesitant to skip or avoid a non-mandatory conference. Consider adding some food service equipment to your conference budget to help make the next event a huge success.  

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08 Oct '15

Making the Most of Outdoor Get-Togethers

Posted by Snack Shack Supplies

There’s something about entertaining in the outdoors that gets people excited like nothing else. After all, people have been known to try and extend summer, and even to barbecue in the cold weather months with only a hint of sun. This could be why so many people go to great lengths to make their outdoor get-togethers so special. Gone are the days when a dish of potato salad and a few beers were all that were needed to make any outdoor party come to life; today, you need to bring things up a few notches by serving truly special drinks and food to discerning guests, no matter what time of year you’re hosting.

Inspired Frozen Drinks

Going hand in hand with the outdoor party is a frosty, frozen beverage. Whether you’re mixing up something fruity for the kids or something a little harder for the adults, a frozen beverage is a great way of saying that this function is more special, and of a higher caliber than your run of the mill event.

Whipping up several blenders full of frozen concoctions can mean that you’re missing the festivities, however, which can dampen the enthusiasm of many hosts. So why not consider investing in a frozen drink dispenser? If you often throw outdoor parties, a frozen drink dispenser allows your guests to help themselves to whatever flavored or themed beverage you’ve created for the event. You can invest in a single dispenser for small parties, or get a dual, side-by-side dispenser – and carefully label which side is for kids – for larger events.

Frozen drink dispensers like the Gold Medal Compact Twin Bowl, don’t take up a lot of space, either in use or in storage. They’re also easy to set up and break down, so you can spend more time with your guests and less time worrying about keeping up with drink supplies.

Create a Condiment Bar

It’s hard enough keeping track of what people are requesting at the grill; don’t worry about keeping track of their condiment requests as well. Investing in a condiment bar makes your parties a breeze to host. Just set up the compartments beforehand, and let guests serve themselves. And since the condiment bar can’t go wandering off the way that a single bottle of ketchup can, you won’t be spending valuable time tracking items down for your guests throughout the event.

Condiment bars come in a variety of sizes, like the Paragon Pro series, which lets you mix and match to customize what kind of condiments you’ll be serving guests. Now you can streamline the food acquisition, and free up your time to enjoy more of your event.

Keep the Hot Drinks Coming

With people known to extend their outdoor get-togethers long past the warm summer months, you may want to consider keeping a method of dispensing some hot beverages on hand as well. Having hot coffee, cocoa, or cider on hand whether it’s for an after leaf raking party, or for after the sun goes down on a late summer’s day, can help keep your guests happy. Things like the Benchmark Hot Beverage and Topping Dispenser can keep your guests’ cups full, all while you attend to other things.

Step Up Your Party Game

With more people throwing year-round outdoor parties than ever before, it helps to keep a few things on hand that can increase your – and your guests’ – enjoyment. Invest in a few things to help make your outdoor events a success, and sit back and enjoy your festivities, knowing you’ve got it all in hand.

Concession stand supplies. is a family owned business that specializes in selling concession stand equipment. 

06 Oct '15

Stop Serving Cold Food

Posted by Snack Shack Supplies

It’s a problem that many people have faced over the years. You’re throwing a party for family, friends, or coworkers, and due to the number of guests, it’s in your best interests to serve the food buffet style. Unfortunately, by the time you get all the food out, call people over to help themselves, and the last few guests move through the line, the food has started to become cold. To combat this issue, some frequent party throwers will try those small heat cans, placing them under the trays of food, but these can become fire hazards, don’t always warm the food evenly, and may even damage some types of serving dishes. Other people may use old fashioned chafing dishes, which can lead to scalds and messes to clean up. There is an alternative; newer food warmers come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and uses that can help you serve perfectly heated food again and again no matter how long the party goes.

Consider Heat Shelves

One of the reasons some people don’t opt to use food warmers probably comes from past experience. Some older food warmers use water to keep the food warm, and this can get messy and cumbersome, and the large, bulky warmers can be difficult to store once the party is over. Heat shelves are a great alternative to water warmers and chafing dishes, and they fit on any table or counter, as well as store neatly away in narrow spaces when you’re done.

A heat shelf like those made by Nemco is a long, metal tray meant to sit right on your counter. You can place things like pizza directly on top, or set serving dishes on it. The entire shelf radiates the same temperature evenly across its surface, so whatever you place on it gets heated evenly and consistently without any mess, flame, or water to deal with. You can also adjust the temperature to suit the food you’re warming – no more lukewarm or burning hot foods.

You can find heat shelves in a variety of lengths from 18- to 72-inches so you can coordinate several different items on one counter and keep them all heated to the perfect temperature right to the party’s end.

Try Soup Warmers

Soup, chili, and stew are all great to serve at informal functions because they’re so easy to make and serve. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to keep warm on their own, and soup pots are notoriously difficult to heat over a chafing dish. 

That’s why soup warmers like the Nemco Cooker and Warmers are so handy. You can make your soup right in the warmer, then simply move the whole thing right to where you want to serve. No mess, no additional equipment or pots to clean up when the party is over. These portable cookers can be plugged in anywhere, so you can even cook soup at home and bring it with you to a church or work function to serve hours later, and keep everything toasty warm the entire time.

Never Serve Cold Food Again

If you throw frequent informal parties and get-togethers, or you travel to frequent informal events that require you to bring food, start rethinking how you’ll keep things warm. Forget the old fashioned heat cans or the possibility of serving cold food, and consider the alternatives instead. You’ll be sure to find that serving warm food is simple, fast, and much easier than you might have thought possible. So stop serving cold food and invest in some food warmers instead; your guests will thank you.

Concession stand supplies. is a family owned business that specializes in selling concession stand equipment. 

15 Sep '15

Supplies for Block Parties

Posted by Snack Shack Supplies

In the interests of keeping a sense of community in these busy days, many neighborhoods often throw a block party or two each year to help bring families together. The neighborhood association will often designate a set amount of funding toward the party, and families of all sizes will pitch in to make the day a success. Because many neighborhoods make block parties a regular occurrence, it makes sense to invest in supplies that can not only enhance the events, but that can also be used again and again, thereby cutting down on the total overhead costs. Depending on the type of event that your neighborhood throws, there are a number of different supplies and pieces of equipment that may make sense for your neighborhood association to invest in.

Concession Equipment

Block parties are often filled with games, music, and fun, but one of the most common and expected items on the agenda is food. Food is often the focus of these types of events, and it usually makes sense to invest in something special for the day. Some neighborhoods may purchase large quantities of ice cream or pizza, but one thing that can help set the block party apart from other events is the addition of concession-style food.

Most people associate concession stand food items like snow cones, cotton candy, and popcorn with novelty events like fairs. Adding one or two of these types of food items to your block party can help give the event a more festive atmosphere. For example, having a Paragon Arctic Blast Snow Cone Machine on hand for summer parties could mean you increase turn out on hot days. Likewise, having something like the Paragon Dog Hut Hot Dog Steamer and Merchandiser at your party would mean that you don’t have to worry about ordering enough pizzas to satisfy everyone’s different tastes; with a hot dog steamer and some condiment dispensers, people can satisfy their own tastes easily.

Food Warmers

If your block parties are more of a pot luck affair, make sure that you have plenty of food warmers on hand so you don’t end up serving guests cold food. That way if you have a family that brings a pot of chili to share, you can keep it warm in something like the Nemco Warmer, and if you have a family who brings a casserole dish, a Nemco Heat Shelf could keep it warm along with platters from a barbecue. Remember, a great party often means people linger for hours; make sure the food stays warm as long as the party does to keep everyone happy.

Drink Dispensers

It’s hard work keeping track of multiple bottles of soda or pots of hot coffee, especially since people are likely to seek out drinks even when food isn’t being served. Free up the people who would typically be stuck manning a drink station for the duration with a few drink dispensers.

A Fleetwood Drinks Dispenser could keep the soda and water flowing throughout the party so all you need to do is keep an eye on the drink levels and refill periodically. Or, if it’s an evening party or a chilly day, you could use something like the Benchmark Hot Beverage and Hot Topping Dispenser to keep the hot cider or coffee flowing. Best of all, something like this could double as a hot fudge dispenser at the next ice cream party, further lowering overhead expenses.

Make Your Block Party a Success

Part of what draws people to block parties and neighborhood events is the promise of a good time. Make that time even more special by investing in some supplies that can help make sure that your block parties are a success each and every year.

Concession stand supplies. is a family owned business that specializes in selling concession stand equipment. 

10 Sep '15

Supplies for Professional Party Throwers

Posted by Snack Shack Supplies

While once there were only caterers and party planners, today there is a new breed of party people – the professional party throwers. Whether they rent space out of their own club or party room, or whether they travel to other people’s homes, professional party throwers are beginning to gain a reputation as the people to go to for any occasion where you don’t want to do the work yourself. And while every party is of course unique, and every party professional is going to need to invest in different decorations and items for individual parties, there are also numerous supplies that can help set the stage for many events. Keeping a few of these on hand can not only help up the party game, it can also help cut down on total overhead cost per party.

Food Warmers

Not every party revolves around food, but for those that do, it’s nice to have the option of serving warmed dishes on cold days. Soup warmers such as the Benchmark Soup Station, or pizza warmers such as the Gold Medal Small Pizza Warmer, can be brought out for many occasions from tail gate parties to autumn get-togethers. Food warmers can allow people to serve themselves at informal events, or they can keep things toasty behind the scenes. This is invaluable if the party is being set up in a location that doesn’t have access to a kitchen, and that won’t be serving the food right away. And for those times when the food is on display, a warmer makes a nice presentation and adds a professional feel to the event as a whole.

Drink Dispensers

There are nearly as many types of drink dispenser out there as there are types of party. From coffee urns to soft drink and slushy machines, there are numerous types of drink dispensers available that are perfect for party use. For example, setting up a brightly colored soft drink or slush dispenser at a kids’ party is a fun way to let kids choose their own beverage without having someone constantly manning the station. Keeping something like the Gold Medal Triple Bowl Frozen Drink Machine on hand for hot days means that you can coordinate the colors of the drinks to the party for a fun and decorative addition to the day.

For adult parties, keeping hot drink dispensers on hand such as the Benchmark Hot Beverage and Topping Dispenser means that guests can help themselves, freeing up party personnel for other areas.

Novelty Concession Items

If you’re the type of party professional that frequently throws themed parties, it might be wise to invest in some novelty concession stand items to keep on hand. Cotton candy machines or snow cone makers are a fun way to liven up kids’ and adults’ parties that have certain themes. It’s these little details that can often set an event apart from the competition, elevating the party to new heights.

Tables, Chairs, Platforms, and Tents

Renting items that get used again and again adds too much to the bottom line of every party. By investing in the basics as well as in novelty and specialty items that can get used again and again, it keeps the total expenses down, and lowers the cost of these items per use over time. While it can seem like a large investment to purchase and maintain these items up front, it does pay off over time when compared to the cost of renting for each event.

Invest in the Business

It costs money to make money in many businesses, and professional partying throwing is no different. Consider investing in those items that help make every party a success, setting it apart from the competition to truly make every event one to remember.


Concession stand supplies. is a family owned business that specializes in selling concession stand equipment. 

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